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From £99

Tired of the same old boring photos that everyone has, and being charged a fortune, only to be rushed by the university photographer after waiting in a long queue, who gives everyone the same poses?

We can give you a bespoke package, which will not only help give you amazing memories to hold onto, but also capture memories of the special day itself. When you turn up to campus with a photographer, we hear other families say, "Why didn't we do this?" and it makes you look like the bees knees in front of your class.

What do we normally recommend for a graduation package?

I personally like it when we come to your graduation venue after your ceremony, and we take some photos of yourself, you with your family and then with your friends, followed by some candid shots of your special day.

I usually stay for up to 2 hours, but I can stay longer if you need be.

Usually the university gives you the gown on the day, and so I always advice you to keep your gown for a further day or week, so you can then come to my studio and have some professional shoots in our Studio in Canons Park, HA8, where I give you an hours exclusive use of the studio.

If you cannot travel to the Studio, or you don't want to keep your gown for another day, we can also travel to some iconic London Locations afterwards to have your photos taken to create beautiful memories.

What's the difference between an Event Style Photo and a Portrait Photo?

Both types of photographs are professionally edited, however, with our portrait photos, there is much more attention to detail, as these photos are finely edited, whereas event style photos still look impressive, but are quicker for us to do, so we can give you more photos.

It really depends on what style of photos you are going for. We can always show you examples of both styles of photo to help you decide which style you want...

Contact Details:

Dolly - 07722 92 0013. What's App preferred, but happy for you to call me as well. If I'm busy in a shoot, I will call you back later.

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