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Family Studio or Outdoor

From £99

We can do the shoot either in:

  1. Indoor in my studio just a few minutes walk from Canons Park Tube Station

  2. Outdoor in the picturesque Canons Park, which has some amazing natural shoot locations

  3. Both Indoor followed by Outdoor Shoot (my studio is around a 4 minute walk to the park) .

    This is a unique bundle that I can offer you and gives you the best of both types of shoot without being charged twice. I would highly recommend this if weather permits.

I supply you with both Colour and Black and White photos of each image you select, which will be professionally edited.

The shoot will take anywhere between 1-2.5 hours depending on the package.

For Indoor + Outdoor (the 2 in 1 package) - you will need to select a minimum of 15 photos.


What should I wear?

We will discuss your outfits once you've booked in and speak about themes that will help elevate your photoshoot.

When should I book my session?

Indoors we do year round. For outdoor shoots in Canons Park, I would recommend March to October, as we can capture elements of spring, summer or autumn. In case weather is bad, we can always get you to come back another day for the outdoor shoot, or I can do more indoor set ups for you that day if coming back is not possible.

Can I bring my family along?

Of course you can! I can talk this through with you.

Will you be professionally editing the images?

I am an experienced editor, having worked in industry, and we can opt for natural finishes, or we can also do more fine art style editing if required...

How long does it take to get the client gallery?

It depends on my workload, but I try and get these to you within a week, which includes a first round of editing. You then select the images you like, and I will do a final professional edit of your selected photos.

Where will the session take place?

At my Studio in Canons Park (Post code HA8 6SY) or Outdoors in Canons Park in beautiful locations I know.

Contact Details:

Dolly - 07722 92 0013. What's App preferred, but happy for you to call me as well. If I'm busy in a shoot, I will call you back later.

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